Contributing to Open Source – Angular2

I love using Open Source code, however this week was different. I had my first experience with contributing to OS.

In my extra time I have been trying to learn Angular 2. I have been thinking that the information learned might resonate better if I contribute to an OS project. Looking around on GitHub I came across an Angular 2 (angular2-esri-example) project by tomwayson at ESRI. Tom created a maintenance issue requesting to add tabs to the user interface.

I attempted a contribution to this project about a month ago. Submitted a pull request and a few days later closed my project because I felt that my work was not good enough. I completely walked away from the project feeling very intimidated by the process. This was a huge mistake! I knew I would come back to the project but felt like I needed to do more learning. When I came back about a month later, I modified the interface and re-submitted a pull request. It was merged within a couple days and I felt very good. Though the contribution was small, I had contributed to something that was merged at an organization which had inspired my learning process.

I am feeling very inspired to continue the process of learning through reading and contributing to projects on GitHub. I highly recommend new developers look at projects and maybe even contribute. Taking these actions has really helped me in the learning process.

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I really like programming in JavaScript. I am a full-time Programmer Analyst with the County of San Bernardino. When I am not at work, I love to hike and play tabletop games!

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